Grahams’ is proud to be the master distributor for several new products.  We are proud to bring you the following new products in association with our manufacturing affiliate.

First new product is a Double Bass Transport Wheel.  This wheel has a solid brass assembly.  This item can be ordered with custom shaft sizes.






To see a larger picture of either wheel shot above, click on picture.

Custom Double Bass Bridge Adjusters.  This items are made of a copolymer space age material.  Helps improve tuned quality of the instrument and helps prevent wolf’s and overtones. (right picture)  Ebony bass bridge adjusters (left picture) are made of solid ebony with a over pressed cleated brass threads.  Also available in cocobolo wood.






Custom made Zip Winders.  Attaches to drill for quick double bass tuning.


We also sell Bass Bags and pickups. 

Need a special order item, call us.  817-861-2518

If you need a custom made part or have an idea, we have access to a full machine shop to custom mill items.  Call us, let’s talk.  817-861-2518